Additional Programs

Additional Programs

Additional Programs and Services

New Way uses several programs and services that can be accessed from home. Because they are not apps or extensions, they will not sync with the Chrome browser. However, they are accessible as websites from anywhere:

Learning Ally – Learning Ally is a fantastic resource for audiobooks. Features include human voices which provide a good model of fluency, expression, and prosody that exceeds any synthetic voice option available.  It also highlights words as students read – reinforcing word identification and decoding skill development. It is available on smartphones, PC’s, and Chromebooks. Credentials to login are provided by teachers, or you can request them here. Here are the links to download and use the program:

Chromebooks – App Link and Getting Started Guide
Apple devices – App link and Getting Started Guide
Android devices – App link and Getting Started Guide
Desktop computers (Windows or Mac) – Download and Getting Started Page

Whitesmoke – Allows students to perfect writing with the most advanced software available. Correct grammar, punctuation and even sentence structure. Click this video for information about logging on from home.

Typing Club – An online program to improve and monitor typing kills. Students can use their Bulldog Accounts to login.