Bulldog Accounts

Bulldog Accounts

What is a Bulldog Account?

A Bulldog Account is a school-issued and school-monitored Google Account (with no ads) that allows students to access Google Apps – these core apps include Gmail, Calendars, and Drive (online storage and document editing). For a complete overview concerning Google for Education’s dedication to privacy and security, please visit their trust center.

The username for each student is first.last@newwaybulldogs.org (we use the formal first name that is registered at New Way). For example, John Brown would be john.brown@newwaybulldogs.org. Passwords are setup at the beginning of the year – teachers can reset forgotten ones, or you can request a reset from the Contact page.

Students will sign an acceptable use policy before receiving access to their account.

Accounts are used at school, but can also be reached from almost any connected device, such as home computers, tablets, and smartphones. Getting familiar with a Bulldog Account is especially easy if you’re already familiar with the Google ecosystem. If not, all overviews and tutorials of Google services also apply to Bulldog Accounts. These are the main components:

Gmail – Basic email

Calendars – Basic Calendars

Drive – Online file storage

Google Docs – Integrated editors for documents, spreadsheets, presentations, and forms.

How do you access a Bulldog Account at home?

1. If you have a personal Chromebook at home, the process is virtually identical to the one at school, just sign in with your Bulldog Account credentials.

2. If you have access to any desktop or laptop computer that runs the Chrome Browser (download it here), you can login using these instructions – basically, click the button with your name or email address in the top-right corner of the browser window. This is the preferred method for desktop or laptop computers since it will sync all apps, extensions, bookmarks, and settings.

3. If you want to sign in from any computer, regardless of browser, it is also possible to sign in from any web browser  (without signing into the entire browser mentioned in option 2).  Other common browsers include Internet Explorer, Firefox, and Safari (however,  no apps, etc, will be synced, so signing into the Chrome Browser is recommended). Just go to the Google login page and sign in.

4. If you want to sign from a mobile device, like a phone or tablet, mobile devices have apps for each service. These are only for phones and tablets that run Android or Apple iOS. Click the links below or search for the names in your app store:

Gmail – (iOS) (Android)

Calendar – (iOS) (Android)

Drive – (iOS) (Android)

Chrome Browser – (iOS) (Android)

Docs – (iOS) (Android)

Slides – (iOS) (Android)

Sheets – (iOS) (Android)

Google Classroom – (iOS) (Android)

What is the Bulldog Start Page?

The Bulldog Start Page has links to some of the most important websites for students. If you have logged into the Chrome Browser, it will also serve as your homepage.

Primary – newwaybulldogs.org/primary/start

Lower School – newwaybulldogs.org/lower/start

Upper School – newwaybulldogs.org/upper/start