What is a Chromebook?

A Chromebook looks and works a lot like a laptop, but it runs the Chrome Operating System, which is essentially an expanded version of Chrome, Google’s web browser. But chrome is not just a web browser. It can serve many other functions like running an almost limitless number of apps & extensions. These are cloud-based, so they will work from anywhere you can use the Chrome browser. As a result, much of the assistive technology we use at school can be seamlessly used at home. Chromebooks run a full school day without charging and are a remarkably stable and secure platform. Upper school students are assigned one to carry with them throughout the day, while lower school students will have access to them in every classroom. Chromebooks must remain on campus at all times. This is the complete policy that students will review at the beginning of the year and sign.

How do you operate a Chromebook?

Chromebooks work a lot like any Windows or Mac laptop, so they are very easy to adapt to.  Download a short PDF about getting started with a Chromebook, including plenty of keyboard shortcuts and trackpad tips to make you a more efficient user.

Who is liable for a damaged Chromebook?

Ultimately, students are responsible for any damage, accidental or otherwise, done to their computer. Before upper school students are assigned a Chromebook and before lower school students are allowed access to the Chromebooks kept in the classroom, both parents and students must sign the Chromebook agreement. Parents will receive theirs in the welcome packet at the beginning of the school year or is available for download. Students will receive their own from homeroom teachers at the beginning of the school year. It is also available for download.

Is New Way's Chromebook model appropriate to buy for home use?

Students can login to their Bulldog Accounts from many types of devices. If you would like to buy a Chromebook for use at home, most any will do the job. The model New Way currently uses features a 13″ screen, an Intel Celeron 2.16 GHz Processor, 4 GB of RAM, and 32 GB of storage. The specific model is available here (if you choose to buy from Amazon, please consider using the Amazon Smile link provided and choose New Way as your charitable organization – we receive a portion of all sales!).