Is internet access filtered at home?

On campus, we have filtering in place to prevent access to unwanted areas of the internet.  However, this does not extend to home use, even when logged in using a Bulldog Account (searching through Google is limited to safe results with a Bulldog Account).

We don’t endorse any particular service, but there are several options for personal use. The most traditional are programs or apps for individual devices. For traditional PCs, Net Nanny is a very popular choice. If you have a chromebook at home, Securly is well-regarded, and there are also several other Apps that get the job done.

One of the best and most popular options is a free solution called OpenDNS.  While somewhat technical, they do a good job of walking users through the setup. It can filter the internet at various levels, including at the router level, which means all devices in the home will be filtered. There are guides for most all brands and devices. 

Another good  option is a Netgear router. They feature Parental Controls, an intuitive and highly customizable interface that allows parents to control the content of the internet throughout the home.

Circle, a small hardware device that filters all devices on the network.  It was made in partnership with Disney to filter content, limit screen time and set a bedtime for every device in the home.